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Centre for Inclusive & Expansive Leadership

What’s the relation between innovation and inclusivity?
Can you choose at the hiring level whether a person will match your company’s culture?
How can you pivot growth by identifying your unconscious bias?

Here is how.

Fun fact: By increasing paid maternity leave from 12 to 18 weeks, Google halved the rate new mothers quit their jobs.
Here is how we can champion your business by focusing on D & I.



Using AI based processes to improve profitability in all areas of business life cycle, CIELead experts help identify the areas of improvement within your team. And, deliver relevant trainings to yield quickest possible results month on month.


Digital Products for L&D

Our spectrum of digital tools like CIELead Untapped and Apex use AI to assess unconscious biases from entry to senior management level. The detailed analysis report outlines strengths and potential blind spots with an action plan for individuals and the team to enhance growth.


CIELead experts specialize in diversity inclusion and will provide a free of cost audit report. This will be followed with a CIELead representative taking your senior management through the audit report to help identify tailer made proposals to meet the organisation’s requirement.

What is the magic formula which Google, Apple and our partners identified early on?

Forward-thinking company leaders believe that their organization’s composition should reflect the diversity of their customers and the world at large. This is why it has become increasingly common for companies to establish Diversity & Inclusion teams. Shown alongside are the percentage increases observed in several domains of the business world:

Revenue 130%
Creation of Innovative Leaders 70%
Employee Retention 67%


Our team at Trucup found CIELead Untapped analysis report highly useful. After having gone through many psychometric tests in my professional career, I thought I had a good understanding of my unconscious bias. However, Untapped brought a lot of internalized opinions to the surface. The tools provided by CIELead helped us design a better communication strategy to reach out to diverse customer segments.

– Alakshi Tomar,
Co-founder, Trucup.

Our Clients

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Why work with us?

In 2019, only diversity hiring does not cut it. One has to focus on talent management and retention, building the right infrastructure and communication channels, and creating a leadership which actively seeks diverse perspectives to increase the bottom line. CIELead identifies the diversity strategy specific to your industry needs, and provides services for you to champion the D & I goals in your domain. Our power packed team gives you the answers to: Does your work align to the vision of the future or does it cater to the norms of the past? Is your workplace inclusive of diversity or does it ignore those demands?

Aanchal Gupta
Aanchal Gupta

GAP Changemaker, Ashoka Young Changemaker, The New Millionaire, Shenomics Under 30 Women’s Leadership Fellow, TEDx speaker, an experienced leader who executes initiatives of diversity and inclusion in large corporations to small scale businesses.

Divya Bansal
Divya Bansal

Young India Fellow. CA, CS. With experience in recruitment consulting and product management. Divya aims to make corporate spaces more inclusive to women at senior leadership positions by bringing the desired behavior shift in the industry.

Geetika Garg
Geetika Garg

CEED/GATE Scholar, Taiwan International Design Competition top 150 finalists, a product designer and innovator with patents to her name. She has a keen interest in the intersection of technology and design and envisions to make intuitive solutions to everyday problems.